CH MACH Isengards Mirage of Belroyale Agility HOF


Dana x Justin

OFA 3077G32F-PI; CERF BSD-1591/2010 Whelped 7/4/2001

Owned by Linda Mizrahi, Bred by Lorra Miller of Isengard Belgians

Lisa, “My Lisa”, you are the great beginning of it all. When I opened your crate at the airport, you popped out and kissed me on the lips. I knew that Lorra Miller of Isengard Kennels had sent me a terrific Belgian puppy after my 2 1/2 year search.

Lisa has that awesome focus and devotion like no other Belgian that I have owned. She is very typey with beautiful dark eyes and a lovely head. Lisa always moves at a brisk trot with a real presence. She is the “Mom in Charge” and her kids, Jesse and Jordan, are well aware of her status.

Lisa finished her championship out of the puppy classes with major wins. At a year old, Lisa completed her Championship in style with a Best of Breed over a top male Special. Lisa began competing in agility when she was 1 1/2 years old. She soared through Novice, Open, and Excellent quickly. Then she got her Masters in Jumpers and Standard in 2007. At the 2007 BSCA National, Lisa was High in Agility Trial. She was also awarded her Agility Hall of Fame Title.  Lisa recently received her MACH which is her agility championship in January 2010.   She has been a wonderful agility team-mate.  Throughout Lisa’s agility career, she has 42 double Q’s.

We took an agility break in 2006 and Lisa was bred to Ch Signature’s Element, “Atom”. The litter produced nine puppies, four of which are conformation champions, and two of course are my “Jesse and Jordan”.

Lisa is full of life and loves to go to agility trials. Now since I show her and the two kids in Excellent, Lisa has become especially astute and very excited for her agility runs.  Lisa, like Jesse and Jordan is a pleasure to live with and my soul mate.

Lisa’s beautiful MACH ribbon and her AKC MACH Championship Certificate.   Lisa showed me the way for such a wonderful accomplishment.

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