2012 BRAGS

In January 2012 Jordan received her MACH and is now
CH MACH Belroyale’s Indy Pendence

In March, Ziva finished her championship and is now
CH Belroyale’s Brilliance N Black

Jesse and Cymba’s puppies were born on March 7th.
There are 3 males and 2 females.

In July, Jesse got Best of Breed on Thurs. and Fri. at the Howard Co. Shows in MD.   His son, Zack, new Champion, got Winner’s Dog on Sat. and Sun.


Breeding our Belgians and being successful requires good relationships between fellow breeders to be able to plan that wonderful litter and you, the new puppy owners taking these babies to their full potential.


West Friendship, MD
Jesse went BOB two out of the four days.



York, PA
Jesse went BOB two days.

Dillsburg, PA
Lisa earned her 27th doubleQ and more MACH points.
Jordan finished her Excellent title with a second place.

Syracuse, New York
Lee had a run-off for first place in Novice at an obedience match.

Kentucky Show
Stryker was shown and received BOB over top winning Specials.


Westminster, MD

Jordan got her second Excellent Jumpers leg with a first place.
Lisa got her 28th double Q and more MACH points.
Jesse got two Excellent Jumpers legs with first places and two Excellent Standard legs with first places. He received his Excellent standard title.


Stryker received a Group 2 at the Delaware Kennel Club in Ohio.


                       Lee received 2 Novice Q’s in obedience.  3rd place with 195 1/2 plus
at the Chenango Valley Show.  2nd place with a 191 at the Del-Otse
Nango Show.

JAN 2010

                      Lisa receives her Agility MACH at the Oriole Trial.  What a great
celebration.   Jordan receives her MX and MXJ with very fast times.

 FEB 2010

                    Lisa is #11 and Jordan is #12 in the AKC Belgian agility list.
I welcome any inquiries about the Belgian Sheepdog and hope to help a new prospective Belgian owner understand our wonderful breed.

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