About Training


This is a one time, one hour session where I discuss all of the helpful hints of puppy training. We discuss some basic dog training mechanics and positive reinforcement. I start you and your pup off with some basic commands and some fun puppy relationship building activities. I teach you how to take charge at the beginning of your pup’s arrival in his new home. I discuss all that you will need to begin a terrific bond between you and your new canine.


These lessons are one-on-one lessons that involve you, your dog, and myself. We develop a program designed for you and your needs with your new member of your family. Some of the basic skills that are taught are come, wait, down, sit, walking on a leash, and lots of games conducive to developing a canine human bond. Usually, we meet about six different times for about 1 hour each session. I usually visit your home to see how your dog interacts in the home environment at the first lesson. At a later date, we meet at different locations to assure that you and your dog are comfortable in any environment.


These classes are one hour. Usually there are about six people and their dogs. I teach basic skills such as come, down, wait, sit, walking on a leash, and lots of fun doggy games to promote the canine human bond. There are a total of six classes.


Assuming that your dog is physically fit, I can start teaching you and your dog basic agility lessons. You and your canine will learn all of the agility obstacles and how to sequence short courses. Agility is a building process of learning and does take some time to see results.These classes are private lessons given once a week.

All of the dog training is taught with positive reinforcement methods. I have been training dogs and their owners for over thirty years. I have found that the dogs progress quickly with the use of yummy treats and fun toys. I have a very good rapport with my clients. My goal is to help you with your canine so you can enjoy a wonderful bond throughout your dog’s lifetime.


Canines and their owners can have lots of fun together. Puppies and adult dogs love attention and enjoy learning. No matter what type of dog you own, doggy performance activities can be exciting and can create a tremendous amount of joy for you and your dog. Dogs love to run, play, jump, and sniff. You can use your pup’s natural abilities, and at the same time begin a very positive relationship with your companion.

First and foremost, your pet must have basic obedience training. As you begin your training, start researching all of the various canine performance doggy sports. The internet will be a great source of help and information. You can choose to participate for fun or try competition. If you seek competition, you can receive recognition for your achievements in the form of ribbons, trophies, and prizes. It is also very important to fmd a good instructor that can help you.

To name a few activities, there are Frisbee contests, dock dog contests, earth dog tests, land and water hunting, lure coursing, herding trials, obedience trials, search and rescue, tracking trials, freestyle, agility competition, and doggy hiking clubs.

If you like the outdoors, doggy sports will provide you and your companion lots of exercise. Whatever, you choose, it will be challenging and rewarding.

Some dogs will excel at one type of activity more than others. Do not get discouraged and just try something else fun. Whatever the activity, from the wag of a tail and your smiling face, it will be evident that you are creating a wonderful bond as a true team, which makes the human/canine relationship so rewarding.


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